Let’s Connect!

Hello world!  Welcome to my personal website!  I use this site to document all types of things I’m involved in; such as cinematography, photography, passion projects, family, and hobbies.  The website is about 75% complete, as I am developing this website myself, while learning to develop websites at the same time.  My apologies for the incomplete website, but I believe it is good enough to “go live” and start connecting and sharing with peers who share some of the same passions as I do.

Speaking of connecting and sharing…I’ve amassed a ton of knowledge over the years, having work on many projects and having many failures of my own.  I am willing to talk about those failures and successes in hope that many of you can accomplish even greater things than I did! So please connect with me! I’m on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter!  Or you can send me a message here!