My Crafts

My Crafts


My passion to craft images that strengthen Story is my primary calling in life.  I am convinced that great cinematography should go unnoticed, yet fortify the visual language that fosters an intentional feeling commanded by the Director.  To date, I have lensed 5 feature films as a Cinematographer, and served as 2nd Unit DoP and Camera Operator on many other projects.


A Team is only as strong as it’s weakest link.  As a freelancer, I cherish every opportunity to contribute to the creative process. Whether I’m a Camera Operator, Camera Assistant, Gaffer, or on rare occasions a Producer, I’m very excited to be “end the game” helping the Team journey through the creative process.


My humble beginnings (2005) as a one-man-band videographer dictated that I learn to edit. It wasn’t long before I realized that Story could be “made” or “destroyed” in the edit.  The emotional response to a cut, a sequence’s pacing, the film’s color, or a actor’s performance, all play vital roles towards telling the Story.

Audio Engineer

Appreciation for music has always been a major part of my life.  Having a mother who was a competition pianist, and a father who was a audiophile and a DJ, it’s no wonder why I turned to music as my first form of artistic expression.  As a Hip Hop artist, I wanted to live in the studio, recording all of my self composed music and lyrics. But studio time was expensive!  So I decided the only way to remove the financial barrier of studio time was to build my own recording studio and learn how to become an Audio Engineer.  The Recording Institute of Detroit’s 2 year program got me on the fast track to become a Audio Engineer, and the rest is history!  Today I use those audio engineering skills to make my post production sound mixes better.

Drone Operator

Isn’t technology great!  What use to be unthinkable for all but the larger budget projects, aerial video and photography is becoming common place in all levels of production.  I started flying unmanned aerial vehicles in 2015.  Fast forward to 2017, I’ve captured aerial video for small and medium budgeted feature films and music videos.  I have also amassed a library of aerial stock footage of landmarks in Detroit, Michigan.


Photography is my break away from Cinematography. It particularly excites me because photography doesn’t afford a continuous capture of images, but its’ gift is one image, at one moment in time. Equally motivating is the continual development of my eyes’ ability to see composition, shadow, and light, to capture a image that speaks to my soul.  This website is filled with some my own images, so please have a look around.


Did curiosity kill the cat?  I sure hope not!  Trips to Aruba and Antigua’s beautiful beaches sparked my curiosity of under-water exploration.  After participating in many instructor led dives, I decided to become certified in scuba diving.  On my bucket list is to one day pair my cinematography craft with scuba diving!  Wouldn’t that be fun!

Automotive Engineer

Growing up in the “Motor City”, and being surrounded by “car guys”, it was no surprise to my parents when I started tinkering with my first car.  Adding bigger carburetors, cam shafts, and cylinder heads, to name a few modifications, quickly evolved my daily driver into a performance “sleeper”.  Competing at the local drag strip and street racing lead to my most ambitious goal of designing and building my own drag racing car from the ground up!  Following this theme, I studied “Computer Aided Design” and Electromechinacal Engineering in college, which lead to a 13 year career in corporate america at the headquarters of Chrysler Corporation.  I left Chrysler to pursue my passion….Cinematography!